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Things You Need to Ask Yourself about Your Business Credit Card

Posted by businessfinancing on May 9, 2008

As a small business owner itching to get your hands on a business credit card, have you considered what you are getting yourself into? It’s obvious that a company, no matter how small needs a credit card to be able to conduct business. There are certain things that just can’t be done without one now, but have you thought about how a credit card can best serve your needs?

It makes sense to use a business credit card to handle your company expenses because it relieves you of the need to carry around a lot of cash. Using the card helps you track your expenses as well. You’ll need to calculate how much revolving credit your company will need each month to determine what type of spending limit you need on the card.

Are you the only one using the card or do you have employees that need cards as well? You may need to request multiple cards for the people in your company that have the authority to use them. Ask your credit card company if they can individually track the employee’s expenses.

Does your business require a lot of travelling? If it does, you may want to consider a credit card that gives you deals on travel expenses such as car rentals and hotel stays. If you travel by air, there is a credit card feature available that allows you to earn Frequent Flyer Miles.

There are other practical applications that you can investigate before choosing a business credit card. What kind of customer support is offered customized reports, acceptance by merchants, overdraft protection, and local branch access? Last but not least, how much will these cards cost you? What are the interest rates and annual fees?

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