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Is This $62K Credit Line for Real?

Posted by businessfinancing on July 1, 2008

Some lucky small business owners have been getting this in their inboxes….

“July 1st is usually a bad time for business for small business owners. With half of the year behind you and the 4th on the horizon you are probably looking forward to the family being in town, an extended weekend and everyone wants to be outside and enjoy the weather. We know this and in order to help you acheive those goals the price has been reduced and the directions have been enhanced.

According to our notes you have not yet purchased the $62k Commercial Credit Line list which you were approved for.

Some time ago you had applied for a business loan. You were denied back then, however now we have commercial credit line lenders that are extending lines of credit to you. Only 1 out of 6 applicants receive this product, you should take advantage of this right away. The sooner you purchase the list the quicker you will have your financing.

We have taken our mentoring and coaching that we do and put it in a PDF document. You can now work at your own pace, whenever you get a free moment to think clearly.”

There is an investment involved of course, but the ROI as far as lines of credit and business credit cards is more than 62 times what you have to pay up front. This is a solution for business owners that have been struggling to get credit.

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